Herb of the Moon

A lot can happen
in the length of a moon cycle.

Traditionally, the phases of the moon have been used as a time to build up an intention, work through a healing, or embark on a study. The Herb of The Moon program is an invitation to get intimate with an herb as if it were a new friend you are coming to know more closely over the course of an entire cycle.

Each month you will have an opportunity to encounter and build a relationship with a different herb through your intuition, sensory experiences, meditations and classes on each herb taught by our affiliated herbalists.  


March 13- March 28

What is included $40:

An herbal materia medica card with a hand drawn herb

2 ounces of the Herb of the Moon

A 45-minute class on the historical, medicinal and folkloric uses of the herb

A Well’s in-house formulation including the Herb of The Moon



-Admission to a New Moon Party that will include a meditation on the Herb of the Moon + $10

-The Wells Maker Kit + $25






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